11 Reasons Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold

It’s the dream of most sellers that when the put their home
on the market, it’s for a quick sale. This tends to be especially true for
those who have spent money improving their home over the years and is in an
area or seller’s market.  While you
shouldn’t worry if your house doesn’t sell in the first week after you list
your home for sale, you should begin to worry if months are flying by without
any offers.  If the latter is you, here
are 11 reasons why your home may not be selling:

  1. Your home
    is overvalued.
    If your home is listed for too high a price, it’s just not
    going to sell.  Tacking on the amount of
    money you’ve spent on improvements doesn’t necessarily translate to added
    value, either. Compare your property to similar homes within your neighborhood
    to get a better idea of its current value. 
    An experienced REALTOR (like us!) can give you an accurate value of your
    home.  We also watch the market activity
    to know if the market is shifting, as the market may change from the time that
    you first listed your home to today.
  2. Your
    marketing is poor.
    Unfortunately, we see this one quite a bit. Poor (or not
    enough) photography that doesn’t properly showcase your home means that home
    buyers are going to skip over your home for the next one.  A poorly written description of your home
    that doesn’t highlight its unique features can also be an issue.  We work with you to create marketing pieces
    with professional photography that attracts the attention of target buyers for
    your home.
  3. You’re
    hanging around for showings.
    While you may want to greet potential buyers
    with a smile and show off your home, this is a no-no.  Buyers feel awkward when they feel the seller
    is hovering around. The last thing you want to do is make a buyer associate your
    home with bad feelings. It’s best to stay away.
  4. You’re
    too attached.
    If you don’t want to negotiate even a penny from your price,
    then there’s a chance that you’re too attached to your home. If there’s a part
    of you that thinks your house is the best in the world or doesn’t want to sell,
    then chances are that you’re going to have difficulty coming to an agreement
    with any buyer.
  5. Your home
    is not professionally clean.
    A dirty house is also going to leave buyers
    with a bad impression. You may not have to hire a professional, but make sure
    that your home is clean to their standards with a good deep clean and stays
    that way for showings.
  6. Your home
    is not staged.
    You want your furniture and décor to help buyers feel at
    home. If you’ve already moved out, an empty house also shows smaller than it
    really is.  If you have an awkward space
    in your home, use staging to tell potential buyers a story of how it can be
  7. Your personal
    décor is up.
    You don’t want potential buyers to be distracted with your
    personal belongings. Family portraits and other mementos tell a buyer how well
    you fit in your home, not how they will. Take down your personal décor so they
    can have an easier time imagining their belongings in your home.
  8. The
    improvements you made are too personalized.
    Custom murals, hyper-stylized
    rooms, and other improvements that stray too far from mainstream design can scare
    of buyers who aren’t interested in paying for something that they’re going to
    change. You may find a potential buyer who shares your exact same taste, but
    then you’re eliminating most potential buyers for your house. You want your home
    to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.
  9. There’s
    too much clutter.
    Even if your home is clean, if there’s too much stuff in
    there, it can be a problem.  A cluttered house
    with too much furniture and décor can make your home feel smaller than it is.
  10. Your home
    needs a lot of repairs.
    The more repairs that your home needs, the less
    likely buyers will want your home. Most buyers are looking for something move
    in ready so that they don’t have to deal with the cost or effort of repair
    work, even if the repairs are small. A home that hasn’t been well maintained
    also will make buyers think that there are even more expensive repairs hiding
    where they can’t see.
  11. You chose
    the wrong real estate agent.
    In our opinion, this is the most important decision
    you can make when selling your home.  A
    great REALTOR will do more than give you an accurate value for your home and do
    a great job marketing, they will also come alongside you to give you honest
    feedback to make sure that your goals for selling your home are met. They will
    know the market and give you reasonable expectations and options so that you
    can maximize the value of your home.

All these reasons can be addressed, but the longer your property
sits on the market, the more likely it will be stigmatized by buyers and the
less likely it will sell at your asking price. Choosing a great REALTOR from
the beginning is the best way to avoid making these common mistakes.

If you are thinking of selling your home, give The Gina
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sell your home for the best price for you.

About the Author

Gina is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Fine Properties and the Team Leader for The Gina McKinley Group. She is dedicated to selling homes in Arizona and passionate about providing the ultimate customer service experience through her expertise in the field. Gina received her real estate license in 1998 and has worked hard to service her clients by obtaining the designations and special education of Certified Distressed Property Expert, Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyers Representative, Certified Investor Agent Specialist, and the Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Specialist. She has been recognized by RE/MAX International with the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award, the highest level awarded by RE/MAX. Gina has also been named "Top 1%" in the State of Arizona by Real Trends. Gina's real estate, marketing and business knowledge, experience, and contacts ensure that you will receive a world class customer experience when you work with the The Gina McKinley Group to help you buy your new home, an investment home, handle your property management or sell your current one.

Gina's personal time is spent with her family, Dan, Jeffrey, & Kristin. She is passionate about giving back to the community, serves on a housing council, and works in various fund raising activities for autism. Her hobbies include travel, fitness, gardening, and outdoor activities such as hiking, equestrian, and golf.