6 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

While nobody wants their home broken into, the FBI facts are
that a burglary occurs every 20 seconds in the US. Home burglars generally have
a pattern, as criminals are looking for an easy target they can rob and get out
fast. Here are six tips from career burglars that you can use to protect your
home and prevent break ins without installing top-dollar security features.

1. Nighttime
Burglaries Aren’t the Most Common

Burglars are looking for the most probably time that there will be no one home, which means the daylight hours.  Weekdays are ideal, since weekend schedules are too unpredictable.  The most popular times that break-ins occur are between 12:30PM and 2:30PM when people are usually away at work or school.

2. They Know When You’re
Not Home – Thanks, Social Media!

Most people post in real-time when they’re on vacation or away
from home. Unfortunately, tech-savvy criminals take advantage of that and scout
social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and FourSquare
to find victims. An I-Team survey found that over 10% of burglars used social
media to find victims, including one burglar in Orange County who targeted at
least 33 women he saw in public and used the GPS data embedded in photos posted
to their Facebook & Instagram to break into their homes in 2015. Even for
those with private accounts, an old friend from high school or a neighbor down
the street could be a potential criminal. 
Never post what times you’re not home or how long you’ll be gone and
save trip photos to post after you’re back home.

3. They Don’t Like

Burglars don’t want anything to do with alarm systems,
whether they’re top of the line or not. Homes without an alarm system are
almost 300% more likely to be a target. If you have an alarm system, make sure
the code isn’t easy to guess like a house number or a birthday, and make sure
to keep the keypad clean so a burglar can’t guess based off the numbers you’ve
pressed the most. Make sure to use the security features your home already has,
like locking your windows, doors, and keeping the exterior of your house well-lit.  Tricks that make it seem like someone is home
also work. Motion sensor lights, bright flood lights, timed lights in the
house, radio or TV left on, or a car in the driveway are all things that make a
burglar nervous that someone is home.

4. Gun Advertisements
are Not Security

If you’re a proud gun owner, it entices burglars more than
it scares them away.  A gun is stolen
roughly every two minutes in the US, so it’s better to keep your guns in a
safe.  NRA bumper stickers or Smith &
Wesson signs on a house advertises that there’s usually a lot of guns to steal

5. Shrubs &
Architecture Make Great Hiding Spots

Tall thick bushes, half walls, big fountains and other overgrown
landscaping are great to hide in, not only from you but from the neighbors,
too.  Keep your landscaping regularly
trimmed and décor elements well-lit. If you do want big plants by your windows,
consider something thorny like cacti or roses.

6. Valuables Left in
the Open Are an Enticing Target

Expensive things left within clear view of windows are advertising
to burglars what kind of items they can steal. Make sure to put tablets, laptops,
or anything valuable away from view from first story windows. Key hooks, especially
labeled ones, should also be kept out of sight. Mike Fraser, a former professional
burglar and host of the BBC show Beat the
, also advised to leave large family calendars out of view since
they detail when you’ll be away from home. 
Any documents with your personal information should also be kept out of
view as they can turn into a gold mine for criminals looking to easily steal
your details for identity theft.

Using these tips can help you prevent your home from being
broken into.  Be sure to research crime
rates and trends in your city and neighborhood, especially when you’re looking
to purchase a home in an area you’re not familiar with.  It’s an important step of the home buying

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