Chandler’s Summit Point Park Gets A Makeover

Summit Point Park, a quaint .29 acre park in Chandler is
getting a makeover starting this month. 
For those who aren’t familiar, Summit Point Park is in the heart of the
neighborhood in the northeast corner of Elliot & Alma School Roads. The hope
is to inspire residents, both young and old, to get outdoors and play.

Though small, the corner park has had a substantially
positive impact on the community since its construction more than three decades
ago.  In order to make sure the park renovation
will be well received, Chandler has developed a conceptual plan for the park
that includes additions requested by the community itself.  The most popular request? Outdoor fitness

In addition to the fitness stations, the park will also
expand into a vacant alley behind to add space for cornhole games and a rubber-surfaced
space for other sidewalk style games. Other improvements include a new water
fountain, additional shade canopy, new lighting fixtures, benches, and picnic

“Parks play an important role in the quality of life in
Chandler. Investing in parks such as Summit Point Park ensures that Chandler’s
parks are kept up to date and the recreational needs of the community are being
met,” the Community Services Planning Manager for Chandler, Mickey Ohland, said
in a statement.

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