10 Tips for Moving Out of State

Moving from one place to another requires quite a bit of work and pre-planning, but moving across states is an even larger mountain to scale. Whether you’re considering moving out-of-state or are currently in the process, here are 10 tips for moving out of state to help you stay on track:

1. Scope out the area you’re moving to ahead of time

If you plan on moving out of state, it would be best to travel to and scope the area at least once before you decide to make it your new home.

2. Consider alternatives to hiring a moving company

Paying a moving company to help you take your belongings from state to state can throw a wrench in your moving budget. Alternatives such as renting a moving truck or trailer to make the drive on your own will come at a much lower cost.


3. Arrange a car shipping service ahead of time

If you aren’t directly driving your car to its new home, you’ll want to coordinate with a car shipping service to take care of that task for you. Arranging for an open-air carrier is a popular and relatively cheap option among the choices you have for car transportation services.


4. Devise a packing strategy

You will want to set out a timeline for getting everything packed over time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute, and label some boxes ahead of time to prepare. Stay on schedule by starting with non-necessities and other items you can do without before moving and save the important daily items for the day on or before moving day.


5. Research nearby schools & notify your school of choice

If you have school-aged children and plan on moving across state, take some time to research potential schools and notify them that you want to transfer your children there. Gather any important items that they may ask for such as immunization records or needed textbooks.


6. Tell your children about the move

Related to the point above, please mention the move to your children well ahead of time. Moving from one place to another can be a difficult change for a child. Letting your children know early will give them time to process the move and say their goodbyes to teachers and friends.


7. Forward your mail

This important, but easy step can be easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of preparing to move. This can be done in a matter of minutes online once you know the date of your move.


8. Update your driver’s license

Be sure to check your new state’s requirements as their DMV may have specific guidelines on when your new license is required. Keep in mind that you may need documentation ready such as your current driver’s license, proof of residency, and your social security number for the switch.


9. Transfer your utility services

Services providers for utilities such as cable, internet, and electricity will need to be notified of your change in residency to avoid any mixups or delayed service in your new home. If you plan on continuing with these same providers in your new state, be sure to give them your new address and move-in date to ensure a smooth transfer.


10. Update your voter registration

This is another important, but easy to forget, checklist item that can be done online. Here is a more in-depth resource to help with this step.


Whether you’re coming to or from Arizona, I’m here for you! Feel free to contact me at 480-355-8645 with any lingering move-out questions you may have. Together, we can get you and your family prepared for the big change the right way.

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Gina McKinley
Gina is an Associate Broker with Gina McKinley Group LLC and the Team Leader for The Gina McKinley Group. She is dedicated to selling homes in Arizona and passionate about providing the ultimate customer service experience through her expertise in the field. The Gina McKinley Group has served the Scottsdale and Chandler real estate market for over 25 years.