$800 million Facebook Data Center Coming to Mesa

A new Facebook data center is coming to the Valley! Not only will this bring hundreds of new jobs, but it will also promote residential growth in the area. The center will be built on 396 total acres of land, off of Elliot and Ellsworth Road.

The first phase of the project involves the construction two buildings spanning about 960,000 square feet. This phase will end by late 2023, and will require the help of up to 1,500 construction workers. At the end of its construction, the first wave of about 100 new data center hires will begin. As needs arise from that point on, the large plot of land will be able to accommodate five buildings to aid future operations.

Due to the extensive userbase between Facebook and its other brands, along with the need for large amounts of data storage and processing, new data centers like these are on the rise. In fact, Facebook’s new data center will be located between similar centers for Apple and Google. However, these are only a few of many tech companies’ data centers scattered throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. If this trend continues, Arizona may become one of the nation’s top hotspots for tech companies and their data centers!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief look at one of many future projects planned for the area. And, as always, I’m here for you! If you’re looking to relocate to the valley or want to search for a new home, feel free to reach out at 480-355-8645. Together, we can find the perfect home.

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