5 Ways to Keep Your Vacant Home Safe

We’ve all heard horror stories about squatters and property damage to homes left vacant. It’s normal to feel uneasy at the idea of leaving a property alone! Taking the right precautions will cut down on the anxiety of the situation so you can rest easy. Whether your home is vacant while on the market or you’re a snowbird visiting your summer home, here are some helpful security tips:


1. Check Your Property Frequently

If your situation allows, stop by the property one or twice per week. Check inside the home and for any signs or attempts to break into the home. Visiting the property on a semi-regular basis can be enough to deter anyone scouting the residence alone. If checking the property isn’t possible, ask a friend, relative, or trusted neighbor to check in your stead.


2. Replace Existing Locks with More Secure Options

You can replace the front and back deadbolts with more secure versions that include keypads or fingerprint/facial recognition. If you want more protection, you could install a door chain or door guard for good measure.


3. Install a DIY Security System

Adding cameras and alarm systems to your home is a great idea in general. It’s especially important if you own a second home that won’t see year-round use. Some DIY systems offer handy features such as camera monitoring via phone app for easy, on-the-go check-ins.


4. Hire a Security Company

You could delegate the monitoring and threat handling to a variety of security companies. They will offer kits and services depending on your property and needs, and may even include free monitoring!


5. Hire a Property Manager

If you’re willing to foot the bill for added security and peace of mind, property management could help. Once hired, a property manager can check the space on a regular basis until it’s sold.


If you’re concerned about the security of your home or investment property, I’m here for you! Please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 480-355-8645 for any questions or concerns going forward. Together, we can discuss ways to better protect your property for peace of mind.

About the Author
Gina McKinley
Gina is an Associate Broker with Gina McKinley Group LLC and the Team Leader for The Gina McKinley Group. She is dedicated to selling homes in Arizona and passionate about providing the ultimate customer service experience through her expertise in the field. The Gina McKinley Group has served the Scottsdale and Chandler real estate market for over 25 years.