No-Hassle Gifts & Tips for This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping can get exhausting – even during a normal year! The earlier you start, the easier it is to check everyone off your list without having to scramble the day before a gift exchange. And while the situation this year has changed a lot about the way we shop in-person, you can still get your friends and family a heartfelt gift from other sources!

Here are some online options to help knock out some items on your shopping list:


Custom Gift Boxes

Boxfox | Happy Box | Milk Bar | Mouth

With online custom gift box services, you can select custom items and add personal touches to the wrapping.


Subscription Kits

Mistobox | Book of the Month Club | Stitch Fix | BarkBox

There’s a subscription kit for just about any hobby or interest. With every month, the recipient will get a new product which adds a bit of fun and mystery to the mix.


Streaming Services

Netflix | Hulu | Disney+ | Crunchyroll | Spotify

Many popular streaming services include gift card options to extend service plans or give them something new to enjoy. Some of these services provide avenues to purchase gift cards directly or online from local retailers.



If your loved one is passionate about a particular cause, you can make a charitable donation toward that cause in their name.


And here are some tips to help you organize your gift giving:


Make a List (and check it twice! )

Write down a list of everyone you’re going to shop for this season. If you have gift ideas for a particular person, be sure to write those down too.


Set a Budget

With your list in mind, set a price limit per person.


Make a Deadline

To make sure your loved ones receive their gifts on time, set some reminders and take post office delays into account.


The sooner you start your gifting process, the less stressed you will be once the holidays really kick into high gear. And remember, no matter how you end up giving to your friends and family this year, it’s the thought that counts! Contact me for more ideas or I’d love to hear more suggestions from you, too.

About the Author
Gina McKinley
Gina is an Associate Broker with Gina McKinley Group LLC and the Team Leader for The Gina McKinley Group. She is dedicated to selling homes in Arizona and passionate about providing the ultimate customer service experience through her expertise in the field. The Gina McKinley Group has served the Scottsdale and Chandler real estate market for over 25 years.