Steven Seagal’s Scottsdale Mansion Has Sold

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Among many of the homes closed in the valley this month, actor Steven Seagal’s 4-story “bulletproof mansion” has sold! The property, listing for about $3.4 million, went on the market in late May. Located in one of Scottsdale’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Seagal’s estate is one of many celebrity homes in Arizona.


Key Features

If you missed our previous article about the home, here’s a brief recap on the main features of the stunning Scottsdale property:

Truly Bulletproof

The wide windows aren’t just for taking in the gorgeous desert landscape! The glass doubles as an added security feature built to withstand just about anything.

Natural, but Luxurious

Stone and earthy tones give the home a strong and natural look while golden accents add a luxurious touch that doesn’t distract from other details.

Sleek and Spacious

The Desert Contemporary home resides in a 11.923-acre lot with nearly 9,000 square feet of space! With 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and amenities such as a dine-in kitchen, theater, and guest home, the estate is designed to be the perfect retreat for friends and family alike.


The Cost

Above list price, the mansion went for $3.55 million, further highlighting one of the hottest selling seasons in recent memory. Several cash buyers took interest, showing that the demand for luxury homes in the Valley is still going strong.
Although news had been circulating about the listing, not all potential buyers knew who the owner was. One man viewing the home even remarked that whoever the owner was “must be a Steven Seagal fan!” In the end, a buyer was determined and terms for the lease agreement included a 60-day lease back to allow time to collect belongings.

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